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  • An Open Letter From God

    What do you think God might say if he wrote us a letter? Here is an inspirational video of just such a letter read by one of America’s most famous radio voices, Paul Harvey. If you found this video inspirational please feel free to share it with others. And as Paul Harvey would say… Good Day! **** This is one of my favorite books of all time and Chapter 9 is titled “The God Memorandum”. If you enjoyed the video […]

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  • Inexplicable

    The definition of inexplicable for those who may not know is incapable of being accounted for or explained. In this inspirational video a woman that couldn’t swim was trapped inside her SUV after torrential rains caused it to sink underwater. After the incident was over there was something that no one who was part of the rescue could explain. Here is the 2 minute video as covered by NBC. Do you believe in miracles? Do you think this was one? […]

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  • 86,400 Seconds – This is One of Them

    In this inspirational video you will see the value of time. It has been called our most valuable commodity. 86,400 seconds is one day. None of us know how many days will make up our particular lifetime, but we do know in our heart of hearts that what we do with our time will determine our success or failure, our satisfaction or our dissatisfaction with our lives. Will you seize the day? Now is our time. Thank you for sharing […]

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