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  • Turn Your Negatives into Positives

    Although this video appeared on youtube almost 3 years ago and has over 2 and half million views as of the time of this post, the inspiring advice is timeless. There are examples of successful people such as Walt Disney, Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln and what negatives they overcame on the way to their success. You will given the 3 “P’s” that lead to success. Can you guess what they are? I’ll give you a little help. One is […]

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  • What I Learned From My Father

    In this inspirational video there are a few clips you may have seen in other motivational videos, but this one does have an all star line up… You’ll hear and/or see well known successful icons such as Steve Jobs, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay-Z, Donald Trump and Richard Branson. I particularly liked the clip of Donald Trump disclosing something I had never heard (or seen) him say before.  Listen in as Donald says “People ask me, What did […]

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  • Don’t You Quit!

    This video includes my favorite motivational poem. Perhaps you’ve heard it before, but even if you have I’m pretty sure you’ll still enjoy it. I know I always enjoy, usually in it’s written form. In fact, I think it’s best if you read the written form first which I will post below. In the video version it is combined with perhaps the most motivation music score ever written. I won’t spoil it for you, but I’m quite sure that most […]

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  • The #1 Thing People Want in Life

    What is the #1 thing people want in life? What is the #1 thing you want in your life? If you’re guessing “happiness”, or “money” or a “significant other” those are all common answers, but Amanda Gore gives us the real answer to this question in this video. Have you ever used the phrase “ta daa?” You won’t want to miss this. Amanda says that all leaders need to recognize the silent “ta daas” in their people. Do you agree […]

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  • The Power of Attitude

    The Power of Attitude

    Attitudes are Contagious. Is yours worth catching? Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least. That’s just two of the sentiments expressed in this video. There are quite a few more I think you’ll want to see.   Which of those were your favorites? Comment below.   Please spread this positive message by sharing it with your friends. Thanks.

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  • Naysayers Can Be Way Off!

    Have you ever thought about how many successful people were told they didn’t have what it takes before they succeeded? Here are just a few examples of why none of us should ever give credibility to negative criticism. You do have what it takes to run your race. You do have what it takes to accomplish your dreams, but you will have to ignore all those who do not believe in you. If you believe in yourself, if you know […]

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  • It’s NOT over Until I WIN

    Very motivational video with sound bites from two of the best motivational speakers in the world… Les Brown and Eric Thomas. They both have very similar styles. Can you tell one from the other in these sound bites? Do you agree that it’s NOT over until You Win? If so, please Share, Like or comment. Thanks!

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  • Pain Is Temporary

    Is pain temporary? Not if you quit. If you quit it will last forever. Are you a spoiled brat? Has someone else bailed you out every time something got hard for you? This video asks that question in a very motivational way. This video could help someone else you know… or someone else you’ve never met. Please share it with a friend. The ball is in your court. Thanks for sharing.

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