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  • Have You Heard About Aldrich & James?

    While searching for an inspirational video to post today, I stumbled upon an incredible talent that if you’ve never heard of them before, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The act consists of two young Filipino boys who blew me away (I always wanted to say that, lol) with this performance of a song called “Rooftops.” The youngest boy, Aldrich has an amazing voice and his cousin James plays an awesome guitar. They have already been featured on the Ellen […]

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  • Inspired Bicycles

    When I first watched this video I could not believe some of the things I was seeing. This video currently has over 34 million views and for good reason. I can only imagine how many times things didn’t go as planned. This guy is incredible. I believe his name is Danny MacAskill. I’m sure most of you can ride a bike but even if you can’t, I’m quite certain you’ll appreciate the expertise you are about to witness. Wasn’t that […]

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  • Inspirational Artist on the Streets of New York

    This is amazing to watch as a talented spray paint artist on the streets of New York creates this masterpiece in six and half minutes! I can’t be sure about this because the audio is just not distinctive, but it sounds to me like he is charging $20 for it (listen near the end). I don’t know about you, but I think that is one incredible bargain. Can I have 2 please? 🙂 Do you agree that was fascinating? If […]

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  • OMG!

    Please watch this one all the way through. There’s an incredible ending. I was actually getting a little bored as I was watching it because I couldn’t see the painter’s vision. This is awesome but you must watch it to the end. Did you know what he was painting? If you Liked this video please share, pin, tweet or Like it! Thanks for your help. ****

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