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  • Against All Odds

    In today’s Superbowl there will be one player that overcame more odds than most other players that have ever played in any Superbowl. His name is Derrick Coleman and he is the starting fullback for the Seattle Seahawks. He is the first legally deaf player in the NFL and this is the biggest game of his life. Deaf since the age of 3 years old, he never gave up. As you may imagine he was picked on growing up and […]

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  • You Can Stand Tall No Matter How Small

    In this inspirational video, Denis Waitley tells a success story of an Olympic Champion that most of you will know. Listen closely and see if you can guess who it is. As with any success story, overcoming adversity always plays a part. Do you have adversity in your life? If so, I hope that this video might encourage you to be an overcomer, just like… ? Did you figure out who Denis was talking about before he told us? If […]

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  • Until You’ve Known Failure

    This inspirational video is a confession of sorts, from some extremely successful people. You might look at them and think that their success is something they all have in common. And you would be correct… but if that’s all you see, you’d be missing an essential part of that success, which is something else they all share. Listen in as Michael Jordan says “I failed over and over and over again in my life. And THAT is WHY I succeed.” […]

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  • Hey! Watch Your Language!

    In this short 4 minute video, success coach Brian Tracy teaches the 3 Words that can change your life forever. Brian explains that all successful people know that they are going to have failures along the way before succeeding and that problems are normal, but by changing the word “problem” to one of these three, will show them in a different light. What are the 3 Words? Watch the video below to find out. Do you use the word “problem” […]

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  • Failure is the Fertilizer for Success

    Denis Waitley has always been one of my favorite authors. In this short video clip he explains that we all need to view problems as normal. Think about this. We are all problem solvers. Sure, you have problems today that you’ve never had before, but have you ever thought about how many problems you have solved in your past to get you to where you are today? And guess what? When you solve the problems you have today, they will […]

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  • Don’t Stop Believin’

    It has been said that everything happens for a reason and if you are a fan of the band known as “Journey” than perhaps you know that they parted ways with their lead singer, Steve Perry in the late ’90s. How do you replace a voice like Steve Perry’s? That’s a tall order for sure. Listen in as Steve’s replacement (Arnel Pineda) explains that his Mother gave him the gift that led him to… Journey. A very touching success story […]

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  • No Shoes No Arms No Problem

    We all have disabilities of some kind, but perhaps the worse kind of disability is the belief that you can’t do something… that you can’t overcome your challenges… that you can’t run the race that God set for you. Some of us don’t let our disabilities hold us back. We are grateful for what we do have and we use what we have, knowing that we do have something to contribute and we’re grateful for the chance.  Tony Melendez has […]

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  • Don’t Stop Believing

    In this collection of inspiring clips of well known celebrities, Jim Carrey begins by telling Oprah how he wrote himself a check for acting services rendered. It was for $10 million dollars. He dated it for Thanksgiving 1995 and he placed it in his wallet. The check deteriorated but shortly before Thanksgiving 1995 he found out that he was going to make $10 million dollars for the movie Dumb & Dumber. Are you believing that your dream will some day […]

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  • From Struggle Comes Success

    Here’s an inspirational story of success from someone with aspirations to achieve greatness. Josef Azam explains that his struggles helped to define him as a person. Do your parents pay for everything? That blessing might just be a curse. What do you think? Josef says that luck has nothing to do with success. If you agree with him, please click the Like button and also Share this inspirational success story. Thank you!

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