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  • This True Story is Truly AWESOME!

    I created this website a little over a year ago and although I have enjoyed introducing my visitors to each and every one of my posts and videos, I am certain that none of them have moved me more than this one. This is a true story about a 29 year old woman (she’s a few years older now) that hears herself for the first time through the use of technology. This story requires more than 1 video and I […]

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  • The Secret to Allowing Greater Outcomes

    I have always been an Oprah Winfrey fan and I was moved by this story of her dream to play a role in the movie “The Color Purple.” Listen in as she explains the effect her Dad had on her in her early years and how the dream came back later in her life. Have you ever wanted something as much as Oprah wanted The Color Purple? If you found value in this video please help me share it with […]

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  • An Everlasting Love

    This inspirational video may be a little longer than most, but rest assured that your time will be well spent. This is a true and recent story about a 96 year old man named Fred, who entered a singer-song writing competition, even though he wasn’t a singer… or a song writer. This competition was created by Green Shoe Studio and what they did with Fred’s lyrics is very admirable. I don’t want to spoil what you are about to see […]

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  • Out of the Mouths of Babes

    It’s not very often that we hear a story told by a child. Usually it’s the other way around with the adults reading to the younger generation. Well, if you’ve ever heard the phrase “Out of the mouths of babes” then you’ll understand why I used that as the title for this post/video. Even though we all may know this story, I’m sure this young lady’s version is at least a tad bit different than yours or mine. You may […]

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  • The Christmas Story

    I was looking for an inspirational Christmas video to post on this most special day and I immediately knew that this was the one. If you’ve ever heard the Christmas Story and know the meaning of Christmas, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this reenactment. It’s adorable! Absolutely adorable!   ~ Merry Christmas! Did this inspirational video put a smile on your face? If you enjoyed this version of the Christmas story, please Like it and Share it with someone else. Thank you. […]

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  • Final Instructions – Brace For Impact

    Here is a good news story introduced by Brian Williams on Rock Center and presented by Lester Holt about an emergency landing in Warsaw not all that long ago. Why was an emergency landing necessary? Because the landing gear was stuck. The Polish pilot had no other choice but to attempt to land the plane without wheels. Over 230 people were on board. Click play now to see this incredible story. Miracles do happen. Would you mind sharing this video […]

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  • What You Can Not See

    Have you ever been in a hurry and everything seems to be working against you? Yeah, me too. Then I’m sure you will relate to the gentleman that stars in this short video clip. At first I thought this video was going to be about patience, but I was wrong. It is a very powerful video that makes an excellent point about the things we can not see as we travel through our days. Everyone of us has challenges that […]

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  • Johnny’s Checkout Line

    This is a true story about a supermarket chain that hired an outside company to implement a customer service program that would help build customer loyalty. Little did they know about the Bagger named Johnny. Johnny was probably thought to be the least likely employee to make a significant contribution. In any case, Johnny proves that great service comes from the heart. As you may have seen in a few other posts on this site, here’s another great example of […]

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  • When There’s a Will There’s a Way

    When There’s a Will There’s a Way

    In this inspirational video Jack Canfield (from “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The Secret” fame) tells the true story of a Chiropractor that found a way to make his desire come true after being told by the local Chiropractic Association that they don’t need anymore chiropractors. Jack explains that taking action is part of the Law of Attraction and that there are 2 different kinds of action (outer action and inner action). Do you know anyone that might need […]

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  • Save The Shoes!

    Here is a very inspirational story told by volunteer firefighter, Mark Bezos. He explains what happened during his first fire. Obviously he had a desire to serve and he explains his assignment with a sense of humor that you’re sure to enjoy. I especially enjoyed the end of the story when he states “not everyday is going to offer us a chance to save somebody’s life, BUT everyday offers us the opportunity to affect one.” Do you know someone else […]

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