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  • What Would Jesus Sing?

    Over the years I have come to the conclusion that God will express His love for us through any means possible… a book, a dream, another person… or through “SOME” of the lyrics in songs we like. Not necessarily the whole song, but usually just a line or two, a verse or two or a single thought conveyed. In this video, I would like to share some of the songs and lyrics through which I have heard His words of […]

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  • A Capella Anyone? Fantastic

    Here is a fantastic a capella version of The Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix. If you’ve never heard of them before you are in for a real treat. I have always found a capella amazing and I have always loved the sound of harmonies, whether there are many voices or just two. There are few things in my life that I have found to be more enjoyable than singing a harmony in a beautiful song. If you are a singer […]

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  • O Holy Night!

    For those of you that don’t know, I love to sing and use to be in a top 40 band way back in the ’70’s. One of the ways that I still enjoy that blessing is by singing in my local church choir at the Christmas eve mass and although this song is not included in our song list for tonight, it is hands down my favorite Christmas song. There are many versions and many artists that do a fantastic […]

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  • Most Talented Shoppers I Ever Seen

    Personally I’m not one for shopping. For me it’s more of a chore than a fun thing, which is why I thank God for the internet. I do most (if not all) of my Christmas shopping online. However, if I knew this was going to happen, I think I might be willing to make a special trip to the local mall. If you don’t have the Christmas spirit yet, I invite you to give yourself another chance by watching this […]

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  • The Prayer

    Have you ever heard of Rhema Marvanne? If you haven’t you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Rhema is now 11 years old though I don’t know how old she was when she sang this duet with Terry White, but my best guess would be around 7 years old. Her Mom passed away when she was only six years old losing her battle with ovarian cancer. According to wikipedia “It is Rhema’s greatest hope to make her mother proud, both as […]

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  • More Like You

    About 12 days ago I was delighted to find this video on the InspirationalVideos101 fan page. It was actually posted by the artist himself, Martin Wikstøl. We had a short conversation which led to me getting permission from Martin to add the Lyrics to his video. I also asked (and received) permission to post it on one of my other sites MusicVideosWithLyrics.com and I am posting this here today because this song will become available on iTunes tomorrow, October 18th, […]

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  • The Cup Song by The Maccabeats?

    The Cup Song by The Maccabeats?

    If you’re in touch with today’s music at all, then I’m sure you’ve heard the very popular song usually referred to as “The Cup Song” by American Actress Anna Kendrick. Well I’m one of those people that can’t help but sing along with that kind of song whenever I hear it. But today I was so pleasantly surprised when I heard this version of it by “The Maccabeats” that I just sat there in amazement while enjoying the harmonies (not […]

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  • Awesome Whitney Houston Rendition

    If you are a Whitney Houston fan or anyone that appreciates a good voice when they hear one, you are about to be pleasantly surprised (to put it mildly). I personally love to sing myself and feel that Whitney Houston is arguably the greatest singer of our time. Considering that, I think you’ll agree that replicating a song like “I will always Love You” is a pretty tall order and I’d say this young man has come as close to […]

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  • You Can’t Judge A Book OR a Person…

    We all know it’s true. You Can’t judge a book OR a person by their appearance… yet we all do it. Here is a wonderful example of a very gifted and talented young man who surprised not only Simon Cowell and the other judges on the panel, but the entire audience from Britians Got Talent. I must admit he also surprised me and who knows how many other youtube viewers? If you’ve never seen this I think you’ll be pleasantly […]

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  • Inspired By The Prayer? Me Too

    This video is a perfect example of why we should not judge people by their appearance. I love this one not only because the performance shocked the audience but also Simon Cowell! If you would click the “Like” button and Share it with your friends I would be very grateful. Thank you!   *****

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