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  • Mary Did You Know?

    I am creating this post on Good Friday. It is a little past 2 pm in the afternoon. As some of you know, I was raised Catholic and have always believed that Jesus hung on the cross from 12 noon until 3 pm when He commended His spirit into the hands of our Father. Here is a very moving inspirational video that I wanted to share today. There are some graphic scenes so viewer discretion is advised. Thank You Jesus. […]

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  • Message From One Christian to Another

    In this inspirational video not a word is spoken, but the message(s) is clear. Being a Christian myself I understood the message perfectly. If you too are a Christian, the young lady has an invitation for you. I hope you will join us. Start the Love… Join the movement. Did you understand the message the young lady was communicating? If you found value in this video, please Like & Share it. Thank you. ****

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  • Quotes on Friendship

    What is the definition of friendship? Inside this video you’ll find a myriad of quotes on friendship, many of which could be used as the definition. Does friendship extend beyond the human condition? I think this video reveals the answer. Can you find it? Do you have many friends? Wouldn’t they appreciate it if you Shared this with them? ****

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  • Emanate LOVE

    Emanate LOVE

    Here is IMHO the real secret to changing  your life. Dr Wayne Dyer hits the nail on the head in this 2 minute video. This one is really short, sweet and to the point. What do you do when someone mistreats you? Do you let others get in front of you on the freeway? How ’bout when you’re in line at a supermarket or a Walmart? If you can get this one thing and truly make it a part of […]

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  • I Love You!

    You know a lot of people find it difficult to say those 3 little words. Do you? In this short video see if you can “feel” not only the love, but the joy. I don’t know if the stars of this video are related to Sasha Xarrian (the woman that posted this video on youtube) but as I looked into it a little further I discovered that Sasha has an incredible story and she is now helping people all over […]

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  • The Power of One

    Do you ever help the homeless people you see in your travels? Or do you look at them with disdain and think to yourself that they are worthless human beings and should be ashamed of themselves. Well if you’re the latter, than I’ve got news for you. They are. This video shows a man in London who has decided to do something about the homeless situation there. He realizes that he is only one person, but he feels that even […]

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  • She Taught Me How to

    Here is a young man that never told his Mom how he felt until that moment. She’s always in the back of his mind. If your Mom is still on the planet… cherish her every day. Please Click Like and Share if you agree. Thanks.

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  • One Minute For Today

    Watch this short 1 minute video to set your day to a positive beat. Affirmations can be fun. Don’t you think? Why not Share this with others? It only takes a minute and you will be sending a blessing. Oh yeah and don’t forget to click “LIKE”. Thank you!

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  • The Awe Inspiring Love of a Father

    I saw this story a number of years ago and it really moved me. I suspect it will move you too. If you have any children or hope to have them some day, I’m sure you will admire this Father who is surely a fantastic model to emulate. As a parent myself, I am impacted by the dedication and determination this Father has shown in helping his son to live a much better life and I will not kid myself […]

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