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  • How Would You Score on a Happiness Test?

    In this inspirational video, The Science of Happiness team tells Mama Hill that she achieved the first ever perfect score on her happiness test. You know they say success leaves clues and Mama gives us some insights as to how we all can improve our own happiness test scores. Although Mama gives quite a few suggestions, there’s one that surprised me. May I ask you… Do you watch cartoons? Are you familiar with Clifford the Big Red Dog? Hmmm… I’ve […]

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  • The Greatest Feeling in the World

    I have had many wonderful feelings throughout my life, but if someone were to ask me “What was the Greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced?” I could answer unequivocally the feeling of becoming a Dad! Don’t get me wrong. Becoming a husband was also a very wonderful feeling and so were the many other life events, e.g. scoring my first touchdown, learning to ride a bike without training wheels, graduating from school and on and on but no one could ever […]

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  • A Good Sense of Humor

    If you have a good sense of humor then you’re sure to find at least a few things inside this video that will inspire a laugh, chuckle or smile. You’ll have to pay close attention though because most of the clips begin with a line that is followed by the punchline a few seconds later… so you won’t want to be fooled into thinking the point was completed when the amusing part actually shows up after reading the first line. […]

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  • Happy Facts to Make You Smile

    Here is a quick inspirational video that I’ll bet will teach you something you didn’t know. I learned a few things myself and they are all facts to smile about. Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? Get your smile ready and click the play button.   🙂 Did you learn something? You could make someone else smile by sharing, liking, pinning or tweeting this, don’t you think? Spread the joy! It’s good karma. ****

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  • CarpĂ© Diem! Carps Galore!

    How would you like to take your boys fishing and as you navigate your boat down a small drainage ditch, carps begin to jump into the boat? This is a very joyful video that just might inspire you to want to go fishing… soon. Listen to the giggling and tell me if it affected you in some way. Did the giggling have an affect on you? Did you giggle too? Did you smile? Did you laugh? Please spread some joy […]

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  • What Does Happiness Look Like?

    Do you know what happiness looks like? Well it’s pretty obvious if you think about it. See if you can find someone in this video that is NOT happy. I’m quite sure you won’t be able to… because there’s something we all do that reveals happiness. Can you figure it out? You might also enjoy the music on this. I did. Let me know below. I’ll be looking for your responses. What was it about the kids and people in […]

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