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  • The Center of the Bible

    Here is an inspirational video about the Bible. Even if you are a daily reader of its contents, I suspect you might just find a thing or two you didn’t know about it. I know I did. Do you know how many chapters are in the Bible? Which chapter is the shortest? Which chapter is the longest? Do you know what verse is smack dab in the middle and what it says? I didn’t… but I do now. Did you […]

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  • Self Esteem is…

    What is self esteem? Here is a beautiful answer to that question by Denis Waitley. He should know because he was a founding member of the National Council for Self-Esteem. Denis is also the author of many best selling books and he has counseled Superbowl and Olympic Athletes, Prisoners of War, Apollo astronauts and Fortune 500 top executives. Listen in as Denis explains that Self esteem is believing that you have enough potential to become a world class person. What is […]

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  • The Mindset of a Winner

    Seth Godin is a highly respected author, speaker, marketer and entrepreneur. In 2006 he created a very popular website called Squidoo (still popular today) that allowed anyone to create pages (called “lenses”) for any subject of interest. Listen in as Seth explains that mediocrity is for losers and gives us insight into the Mindset of a Winner. Do you try to do too many things? If you found value in Seth’s conversation please click the Share button and spread the […]

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  • Pink Bat Thinking

    Pink Bat Thinking

    This inspirational video explains why we often see problems instead of solutions. The author says that “while we all share the same world, we certainly don’t share the same reality. I found this very interesting and believe that you will too. Have you ever heard of “perceptual blindness” (sometimes referred to as inattentional blindness)? Pay close attention to the study around the 3 minute 10 second mark. After watching this video you just might come to realize that you have […]

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  • Extraordinary Life

    This video gives exceptional advice for anyone who is open to receive it. The author didn’t disclose where the information originated from, but as I watched it, I found myself thinking of a book I read many years ago by H Jackson Brown called “Life’s Little Instruction Book”. If I remember correctly, the book was written by a Father who wanted to give some advice to his son that was about to go off to college. Of course, I could […]

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  • Do You Keep Your Goals to Yourself?

    Are you the kind of person that discloses their goals to others, thinking that because you revealed them, you’re now more likely to put in a greater effort because you don’t want to look like a failure to those you told? We’ve all probably heard that that is a good thing to do. I know I did, but guess what? It’s NOT true. In this TED talk video Derek Sivers explains why you’re better off keeping your mouth shut!  Wow! […]

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