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  • Thanksgiving Awesome Evaluation

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Have you taken a little time to evaluate the things in your life that you are thankful for? Here is an awesome video I hope will inspire you even if you think things are not all that great. Are you grateful for watching this video I shared with you? Would you help me spread its message by sharing it with someone else… or pinning it… or tweeting it? Fantastic! Thank You! ****

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  • One of the Men at Church…

    If you’re not paying close attention, you’re likely to miss this, which is why I used it in the title. It sounds to me as though the video was spliced right around that point (39 seconds), but if you listen close you’ll hear the Mom say that this all started in a church. This is a very touching story of an Orthopedic Surgeon that decided to help a child and changed his life and the life of his parents. You […]

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  • Amazing Dog Story

    Here is an amazing dog story that any dog lover would appreciate and agree is inspirational. In fact, you might even say it’s a miracle. Watch now as Oprah introduces Faith and her amazing story as told by her owner. Wasn’t that something? Did they make the right decision to save the dog? Perhaps you could share this with someone that you know that loves dogs. ****

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  • I Started to Believe

    Here is an inspiring story of a disabled veteran injured in the Gulf War that was told he would never walk unassisted again. They were wrong. When exercise seemed impossible, Arthur found a way… but most _____ instructors turned him away. All but one. Then the ball was in Arthur’s court and he started to believe it could happen… and it did! Click the play button and watch Arthur’s story. I would also encourage you to watch the extended version […]

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  • What If Money Was No Object

    How often do you make decisions based on your financial situations? I realize that it is an important thing to do in our day to day lives. For example, if you’ve only got 20 bucks and it needs to last until payday, you should probably hold off on going to see that movie everyone’s raving about.  So in this case making that decision, based on your financial situation, would be a wise thing to do. Agree? But… should the larger, […]

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  • Uncommon Faith

    Here’s a story about a little girl that made a deal with her Dad. What he didn’t know was that his daughter had faith and prayer on her side. Please Share this faithful video with your friends. One of them might really need this today. Thanks!

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