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  • Bindi Irwin Remembers Dad on Dancing With the Stars

    Bindi Irwin Remembers Dad on Dancing With the Stars

    Do you remember Steve Irwin? I think we all do. He was the kind of person that made you feel as though you knew him personally. Well now, I feel the same holds true for his Daughter Bindi, a current contestant on Dancing With the Stars TV show. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but pull for her to do well. Here is an inspirational video I’m sure you’ll enjoy whether you’ve seen it before or not. […]

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  • The Wedding Party Surprise

    I have always loved to dance… and if I ever had to answer the question “Who is your favorite dancer?” I would not hesitate to say it is Michael Jackson. In this inspirational video a newly married Groom takes the floor along with the wedding party to surprise the guests. He may have stolen his bride’s heart long before this performance, but in the next 4 and a half minutes he’ll show you why he’s such a smooth criminal. Wasn’t […]

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  • Inspiring Dancers

    Here is a collection of video clips of many of the greatest dancers of our time. You’re sure to recognize at least a few from movies and television. See how many you can name while you watch the video… BEFORE seeing the lineup below. Enjoy! How did you do? Here is the lineup: 1) Svetlana Zakharova – Swan Lake 2) Riverdance – Reel of the Sun 3) Michael Flatley – Lord of the Dance 4) Michael Jackson – Beat It […]

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  • DWTS – Kelly Pickler and Derek

    If you are a fan of the popular TV reality show called Dancing With the Stars than I’m sure you were probably just as impressed as I was by this incredible freestyle dance performance by Kelly Pickler of American Idol fame and her partner Derek Hough. If you thought this was incredible dance performance by someone who is NOT a professional dancer, Please click the “Like” button and Share with you know who. Comments are welcome too! Thanks.

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  • Michael Jackson’s 1st Moonwalk Performance?

    Do you remember the first time you ever seen Michael Jackson do the moonwalk? I do. It was back in the early ’80’s at the 25th Motown Anniversary and I can assure you that it was the most inspirational dance performance I had ever seen and I’m sure millions would agree with me. Little did we know at that time what Michael had in store for us in the very near future. He was about to become the most dominate […]

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  • Incredible Dance Performance by Attraction Shadow Theatre Dancers

    If you are someone that appreciates the art of dance, I’m quite sure you’re going to Love this. It shows incredible originality and is also very moving. This inspirational video is from the popular television show called “Britians Got Talent”. Please click “Like” and Share with your friends.

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