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  • Superbowl Commercial for Sunday

    Here is another Superbowl Commercial you’re sure to see on Sunday. I thought you might like to see another one before the big game so you can tell your friends or in this case share it with them. This is another one of the five finalists for Doritos contest. It is called Time Machine – Crash the Superbowl. Do you watch the Superbowl because you want to see the game, the commercials or both? If you liked this video please […]

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  • Maybe it’s My Fault

    Michael Jordan may just be the greatest basketball player of all time. In this inspirational video what he did for the sport may not be obvious. However, if you listen closely you may hear him tell you how he did it and what we need to do, to rise above our challenges in whatever endeavors we choose. Did this video inspire you? If so, then you have the power to inspire someone else, by sharing this with others. Thank you. […]

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  • Is it Time to Redefine Beauty?

    In this video the people at Dove want to inspire all women to redefine beauty and invites you to Share what beauty means to you at www.dovebeautyis.com Have you ever taken a picture of yourself? The reason I ask is because I found this video on youtube under the Title “Selfie,” which is what they call it when you take a picture of yourself. This video captures the journey of a group of high school girls and their mothers, as […]

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  • You Don’t Know What it’s Like

    Inspirational commercials on TV are pretty commonplace, as I’m sure you know. And I’ve seen many over the years that have touched me in a heartwarming kinda way. Here’s one I just came across that I had to actually watch a second time to realize what was going on. After I got it, I really, really liked it. If you are a parent, or perhaps have a child in your future, I think you’ll want to take a close look […]

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