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  • The Number One Character Trait of Millionaires

    If I were to ask you what do you think is the number one character trait of millionaires, what would you guess the answer would be? In this inspirational video Dave Ramsey will give you the answer and although Dave didn’t do the research he’ll explain how and where he discovered the credible source and how and where you can find it too! Do you remember that best selling book years ago titled “The Millionaire Next Door?” Click Play Now. […]

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  • Looks Aren’t Everything – Believe Me – I’m a Model

    In this inspirational video, Cameron Russell explains that saying you want to be a model when you grow up is akin to saying you want to win the Power Ball when you grow up because it is out of your control. She says that the pictures of her are not pictures of her, but are constructions… and has a few “real” pictures of herself to back it up. Listen in as Cameron reveals that these “pictures” of her are “constructions” […]

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  • I Would of Chose Life

    32% of all unplanned pregnancies among evangelicals end in abortion.                                                 ~National Association of Evangelicals, 2012 In this inspirational video, Fallon Phillips, who lost two children to abortion, explains her growth and perspective in a way that can help others to deal with their situation in a different way than she did. She also discloses an organization (OnlineForLife.org) that can make all the difference in the world for people who are dealing with the issues of abortion, acceptance and the […]

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  • 12 Things to Remember

    With 2014 being just hours away, I feel that this inspirational video will give you some good things to think about (and remember). Although this video is not specifically about New Years, the ideas seem very appropriate as we reflect on last year and look ahead to a new one. I wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year. 🙂 See ya next year! Please remember to Share this with others. Thank you! ****

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  • Write a Love Letter to Yourself

    Here is a great idea that comes at a terrific time. With 2013 coming to a close and a new year just about to begin, why not take a little time to write a Love Letter to YOURSELF? Now if you’re a conceited person you can skip this (you should know if you are one). If you’re not sure, ask someone that’s close to you, that you know will tell you the truth. 🙂 Nobody’s perfect and it is important […]

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  • Do You Ever Ask Yourself What Am I Thinking?

    I am a big fan of Louise Hay. I first read her best-selling book “You Can Heal Your Life” way back in the 1980’s. In 1984, Louise established the Hay House Publishing Firm which according to Wikipedia now publishes over 130 authors. If you’ve never heard of her or heard her speak I think you’ll enjoy this video very much. In under six minutes Louise explains the power we all have in our thoughts and words, whether we realize it […]

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  • You Are The Carpenter

    Here is an inspirational video that shows why we should always do our best. Quality and excellence  are both seeds of greatness. Whenever we lower our standards we are betraying ourselves. Life is a do it yourself project. Don’t let yourself down. You deserve better. Do you agree with this philosophy? Please send this to someone else that might need to see it. Thank you. ****

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  • Narrow Your Focus to One Idea

    Have you ever heard the old adage that success leaves clues? In this video Tyler Perry gives some heart to heart advice to anyone that has a dream. I particularly liked the part where he explained that the dream itself has to take on the belief for you, because you (and I) can not do it alone. I personally don’t know much about Tyler Perry, but I must say that this video has sparked my interest about him. I could […]

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