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  • DWTS – Kelly Pickler and Derek

    If you are a fan of the popular TV reality show called Dancing With the Stars than I’m sure you were probably just as impressed as I was by this incredible freestyle dance performance by Kelly Pickler of American Idol fame and her partner Derek Hough. If you thought this was incredible dance performance by someone who is NOT a professional dancer, Please click the “Like” button and Share with you know who. Comments are welcome too! Thanks.

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  • Memorandum From God To You

    Memorandum From God To You

    I realize that this video is longer than most, but I ask if you dont’ have time right now to please come back as soon as you can to watch and read every word that appears on the screen. They are from a book I ready many years ago by Og Mandino called “The Greatest Miracle in the World”. The part of the book where these words came from is a part where God is speaking to you. It is […]

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  • The Day That Turns Your Life Around

    A few years ago we lost Jim Rohn but he’ll always have a special place in my heart. He and Earl Nightingale were my two favorite motivational speakers. His style is a little eccentric but I think that’s part of what makes him so interesting. If you’ve never seen or heard of him, you’re in for a treat. Have you experienced the day that turns your life around? If not and you’re ready now, Click the Like button and Share […]

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  • Don’t Stop Believing

    In this collection of inspiring clips of well known celebrities, Jim Carrey begins by telling Oprah how he wrote himself a check for acting services rendered. It was for $10 million dollars. He dated it for Thanksgiving 1995 and he placed it in his wallet. The check deteriorated but shortly before Thanksgiving 1995 he found out that he was going to make $10 million dollars for the movie Dumb & Dumber. Are you believing that your dream will some day […]

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  • From Struggle Comes Success

    Here’s an inspirational story of success from someone with aspirations to achieve greatness. Josef Azam explains that his struggles helped to define him as a person. Do your parents pay for everything? That blessing might just be a curse. What do you think? Josef says that luck has nothing to do with success. If you agree with him, please click the Like button and also Share this inspirational success story. Thank you!

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  • Save The Dolphins

    Watch this Amazing video of a group of dolphins that found themselves too close to the beach and some amazing people that came to their rescue. Would you have done what these people did?    I think so. Please click “like” and SHARE this incredible and inspirational video. Thank you.

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  • Inspiration By Will Smith

    I’ve often heard that a person’s success depends on his/her thinking. This video reveals how Will Smith thinks and why he has become a huge success. Do you agree with Will? Do you think like he does? Please click the “LIKE” Button and if you really want to spread a positive message, Share this with your friends. Thank you!

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  • Excuse Me Sir But This Victory is Mine

    Here is a very inspiring video of a race lost… or was it? A perfect example of sheer determination. Please click Like  and Share with your friends. Thank you.

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  • The Awe Inspiring Love of a Father

    I saw this story a number of years ago and it really moved me. I suspect it will move you too. If you have any children or hope to have them some day, I’m sure you will admire this Father who is surely a fantastic model to emulate. As a parent myself, I am impacted by the dedication and determination this Father has shown in helping his son to live a much better life and I will not kid myself […]

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  • Michael Jackson’s 1st Moonwalk Performance?

    Do you remember the first time you ever seen Michael Jackson do the moonwalk? I do. It was back in the early ’80’s at the 25th Motown Anniversary and I can assure you that it was the most inspirational dance performance I had ever seen and I’m sure millions would agree with me. Little did we know at that time what Michael had in store for us in the very near future. He was about to become the most dominate […]

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