• You Got a Dream?

    Here is my favorite scene from the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” starring Will Smith. If there’s ever been any good fatherly advice, this is it. Please share this short clip for those who have never seen it and also for people like me who would love to see it again! **** Will Smith stars as Chris Gardner and convincingly portrays a down-and-out dad trying to better his family’s life in this heartwarming movie.

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  • Ray Lewis – A Very Motivational Speaker

    Ray Lewis played his last game as an NFL linebacker when his Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Superbowl on February 3rd, 2013. It has been said that Ray is arguably the greatest middle linebacker that ever played the game. It has also been said that the greatest players make those around him better. This video clip might just reveal the reason why that was true for Ray Lewis. If you like this video please share it [...]

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  • Is There an Angel on Your Shoulder?

    Here is a very moving clip from the Rocky Series. Mickey is no longer with him… or is he? If you’ve ever lost a loved one that was very close to you, I think you’ll relate to Rocky’s experience. You might want to pay close attention around the 2 minute 45 second mark to find out about the Angel on your shoulder. If you like this clip, why not share it with your friends and loved ones? Oh yeah, and [...]

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  • Randy Pausch on Oprah Reprising “The Last Lecture”

    I was fortunate enough to find out about this man while he was still alive. In fact, I actually remember watching this segment on the Oprah show. I also recall watching the entire “Last Lecture” that became one of the early youtube viral videos. It is very moving and inspirational. You may begin to see a few things in a new light. Randy talks about what’s important in life and what is not. Please help me to spread Randy’s story [...]

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – 6 Rules to Keep in Mind

    In this inspirational video Arnold Schwarzenegger gives some great advice on success. He has overcome many challenges in his life and has become an instantly recognizable figure. Please share this with those you care about. **** THE GREATEST IMMIGRANT SUCCESS STORY OF OUR TIME

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  • Nick Vujicic – Are You Gonna Finish Strong?

    If you’ve never met Nick Vujicic before… then I’m sure you’ll see why I selected him to be the first post on the site about inspirational videos. Nick is a true treasure. A human being like no other, inspiring others everyday. Please Share this video. There are still many others that have never heard of him. **** Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action – International Best Selling Author of “Life Without Limits.”

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Recent Favorites

  • Remembering Casey Kasem

    Remembering Casey Kasem

    You may not be aware of it, but as the internet has evolved, it has given us the ability to access things from our pasts that bring us joy. On Sunday mornings I always log on to the internet after returning from church (I like to go early), and I access a weekly broadcast from a Pittsburgh radio station of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 shows from the 1970′s. Perhaps it’s because I use to play in a Top 40 [...]

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  • Hidden Miracles

    Hidden Miracles

    Did you know that we are surrounded by things we can’t see, so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye? To bring this invisible world to light, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg bends the boundaries of time and space with high-speed cameras, time lapses and microscopes. I personally found this inspirational video absolutely incredible. At TED 2014, he shares highlights from his latest project, a 3D film titled “Mysteries of the Unseen World,” which slows down, speeds up, [...]

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  • The Gift

    The Gift

    In this inspirational video you’ll see the perspective of a young man change drastically as he realizes the gift he has always had in a Dad that he didn’t always respect. Is there someone in your life that is a gift that you are failing to recognize? Watch closely and feel the LOVE… If you found this video inspirational please share it with someone that you consider to be a gift in your life. Thanks. **** Free download available -> [...]

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  • Have You Ever Heard of Usher Syndrome?

    Have You Ever Heard of Usher Syndrome?

    A 16 year old boy named Dean sees life through his lens while living with a disease called Usher Syndrome. His passion for photography is evident as he captures life in his own way. Dean appreciates his vision and all that it means to him while he still can. This video raises awareness about the struggles of Usher Syndrome, which is a syndrome that causes hearing and vision to slowly fade and they are still looking for a cure. Would [...]

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  • The Secret to Allowing Greater Outcomes

    The Secret to Allowing Greater Outcomes

    I have always been an Oprah Winfrey fan and I was moved by this story of her dream to play a role in the movie “The Color Purple.” Listen in as she explains the effect her Dad had on her in her early years and how the dream came back later in her life. Have you ever wanted something as much as Oprah wanted The Color Purple? If you found value in this video please help me share it with [...]

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  • GoPro: Red Bull Stratos

    This inspirational video shows a post date on youtube of January 31sth, 2014. That was just a few days ago and it is already showing 7.5 million views. Talk about going viral… what’s so cool about this video? Well here is part of the description taken directly from youtube. October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner ascended more than 24 miles above Earth’s surface to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon. Millions across the globe watched as he opened the [...]

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  • Against All Odds

    In today’s Superbowl there will be one player that overcame more odds than most other players that have ever played in any Superbowl. His name is Derrick Coleman and he is the starting fullback for the Seattle Seahawks. He is the first legally deaf player in the NFL and this is the biggest game of his life. Deaf since the age of 3 years old, he never gave up. As you may imagine he was picked on growing up and [...]

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  • The Number One Character Trait of Millionaires

    The Number One Character Trait of Millionaires

    If I were to ask you what do you think is the number one character trait of millionaires, what would you guess the answer would be? In this inspirational video Dave Ramsey will give you the answer and although Dave didn’t do the research he’ll explain how and where he discovered the credible source and how and where you can find it too! Do you remember that best selling book years ago titled “The Millionaire Next Door?” Click Play Now. [...]

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  • Superbowl Commercial for Sunday

    Superbowl Commercial for Sunday

    Here is another Superbowl Commercial you’re sure to see on Sunday. I thought you might like to see another one before the big game so you can tell your friends or in this case share it with them. This is another one of the five finalists for Doritos contest. It is called Time Machine – Crash the Superbowl. Do you watch the Superbowl because you want to see the game, the commercials or both? If you liked this video please [...]

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  • An Open Letter From God

    An Open Letter From God

    What do you think God might say if he wrote us a letter? Here is an inspirational video of just such a letter read by one of America’s most famous radio voices, Paul Harvey. If you found this video inspirational please feel free to share it with others. And as Paul Harvey would say… Good Day! **** This is one of my favorite books of all time and Chapter 9 is titled “The God Memorandum”. If you enjoyed the video [...]

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